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An overview of marketing as a career option

If you wish to land in a career where you can showcase your creativity, communication skills, and most importantly analytical abilities then marketing could be the perfect industry for you. Marketing is the only field that doesn’t restrict you to one specific job or position, which means you can work as a marketer and explore different industries. 

Today every sector ranging from an IT company to food selling online stores needs a skilled marketer, which opens a wide opportunity for individuals looking to join the marketing industry. If you like to examine consumers’ behavior and habits, analyze market demand, and promote products and marketing can be the perfect career choice. 

The main task of marketers is to promote the product and increase awareness by creating campaigns based on consumer behavior and market research. Marketing is all about helping brands and businesses to market their product and increase awareness in a way, it reaches the final customer or the potential buyers.

Well, marketers are not limited to creating campaigns, in the coming paragraph, we are going to highlight different career options in marketing.  If you wish to work in a field that allows you to grow a business, brand, or product then you may want to consider a career in marketing. 

By now you might be aware that marketing can be a good career choice as it allows you to explore different industries functioning.  But still, if you are not convinced why choose marketing as your career choice? and what you can do after getting a degree in marketing?

Below we are going to walk you through why you select Marketing as a career option and how you can plan your career in one of the most competitive and crowded sectors “Marketing”.

Why select marketing as a major? 

If you are confused about whether marketing can be a good career option or not then here you find your answer. Marketing is one of the most popular, highly competitive, and most rewarding career destinations for undergraduates as well as postgraduates. Businesses across every sector and industry rely on markets as they are one who helps them to create awareness, increase online presence, and most importantly make their product reachable. 

Things like market research, communication, design of the product, analyzing consumers’ behavior interests you, then marketing can be a good career option for your future. Compared to other industries marketing is one of the most promising and rapidly growing fields. Recent research shows that marketing jobs are growing 8% faster and the average marketing manager salary starts from 695,755/yearly. 

Marketing is one of the most satisfying jobs as it allows you to keep a track of your performance and if things go wrong you can take the necessary steps to correct it. The innovative and creative work you do working for different companies will enlighten and encourage you to give your 100% for things you do in your day to day life. In short, you can say marketing is also considered a money-making career option. 

With the increase in the number of entrepreneurs, many new startups are emerging and every one of them needs a skilled marketer who can contribute their expertise and tactics to grow their company and boost sales. With the heavy competition out there marketing is not a career option for those who look for instant growth in their career. 

Below we are going to highlight 5 reasons why marketing can be the best career option for your future: 

1. Offers Long Term opportunities

Compared to some of the monotonous and short time occupations and jobs, marketing has got a lot to offer mainly the long-term opportunities. Being in the marketing industry you will be able to explore different techniques like brand marketing, running promotional campaigns, and many more. These types of activities will make your working hours more interesting and it will motivate you to take part in other projects as well. 

Most of the marketers start as marketing executives in a company and as they start gaining experience and becoming experts in the field they get promoted as team leaders, marketing managers, brand managers, and sometimes CEO of the company. So if you are landing in the marketing industry then you don’t have to worry about success, just focus on gaining experience and becoming a subject matter expert. 

If your work is right and impactful then you will automatically start grabbing people’s attention. Marketing is the field where you need to highlight your hard skills as well as soft skills. 

2. Diverse career options

Marketing is one of the most creative professions because you are exposed to different areas and it includes various things like social media marketing, advertising, content marketing, affiliate marketing, traditional marketing techniques, and more. If you think you like varieties in your work then marketing can be the best career option for your future. 

Marketing alone opens various career options which we are going to highlight in the coming paragraphs. A marketer needs to learn the basic principles of business along with elements of psychology so that they are able to understand the market and potential customer behavior. Working in the marketing field will allow your brain to be more active as you will be solving more complex tasks. 

You can apply your skills and expertise to different tasks like creating attractive campaigns, advertising, conversion-centric content, market research and most importantly creating result-driven marketing strategies. Being a marketing graduate you can research and find the best marketing career that matches your skills and interest. 

3. Fastest Growing Industries 

Earlier marketing was all about using traditional techniques like billboards, pamphlets, stickers, and more to advertise the product and make it reachable to the potential customer. As technology started evolving, there was a huge shift in marketing tools and techniques. Now marketing is not limited to traditional techniques but there are various digital tools and techniques available that allow brands and businesses to increase their product or services awareness and reach. 

So if you think your interest somewhere relates to technology and marketing both then selecting marketing as your career option can be the best choice. Well, it’s not only about digital tools but the marketing industry is growing very rapidly and every year we see a new trend coming up in the marketing field. If you want yourself to land into the marketing industry then make sure you keep yourself updated by learning all the new things.  

4. Marketing skills are always in demand 

A degree in marketing indicates that the graduates have developed skills like critical research, analysis, fluency in communication, and most importantly problem-solving skills which can be applied to different parts of marketing and sales. The skills you develop are evergreen and will help you during your work, i.e while creating new marketing strategies, product development,  building strong public relations, and more. 

Having a degree in marketing indicates that you are good at communication and you know how to communicate effectively and think creatively. Marketing is all about analyzing potential customers’ problems and demands. Undoubtedly there are various tools and pre-determined internet statistics available that can help you identify your potential customers’ demand. 

But the best way to identify their problem and their need is via one to one communication. Marketers are the ones who can communicate and engage people in a way that helps them to know the audience’s desire. So if you think your skills and interest involve communicating with people, analyzing their behavior, solving complex problems, and more than marketing can be the best career option. 

5. Make New Connections 

Marketing requires the audience in front of you. For this profession, you have to be communicative, dedicated, fully devoted to the daily challenges you have. Invent strategies for convincing the customers to buy the product, try to predict customer’s behavior on some occasions, and you will be impeccable in the marketing process.

Attract the regular audience and always look at how to engage the others.  Marketing is all about people, and this should be the first place of your priorities. 

Compared to other career options, marketing and sales are considered the only occupations where an individual can set up a huge client base or network. With good communication skills, an individual can commute their ideas and thoughts in a way that grabs the listener’s attention. One thing that can help you to build relationships with the customer is the strategies you create for clients and businesses.  

Some of the common myth about marketing that you should know in 2020

1. Marketing is a new approach to business

Most of you are aware that advertising is one of the oldest techniques used by brands and businesses to make their product reach potential buyers. Advertising is a part of marketing but marketing involves various techniques and practices and all of them are carried out prior to the industrial revolution. 

However, we can say Digital marketing is a new approach but again the goal or the aim of marketing is the same i.e acquiring more customers, spreading awareness, and improving the online presence of the brand. Earlier, when traditional marketing was more popular, manufacturers and sellers used to keep close contact with buyers so that they are able to understand what they want, how they want the product and more. 

Now the goal of every brand and business is the same, but they use different platforms, devices, and techniques to get in touch with their potential customers. So we can say marketing is quite old, the approach has always been the same. It just has been modified to reach a wider range of audiences in a cost-effective way. 

2. Marketing is limited to advertising and selling product/services 

Most of the individuals who have little to less knowledge about marketing have a misconception that marketing is all about advertising and selling products. But in reality, marketing is a broad area that includes advertising, analyzing potential audiences, generating leads, market testing, running PR campaigns, digital marketing, content writing/marketing, and more. 

A marketer’s job is not limited to advertising, but their skills and expertise can help businesses to improve their market reputation, connect more potential customers, and many more. They need to make strategies that allow businesses to introduce their product and services in a unique and innovative way to the general public so that it creates long-lasting effects on their memory.  

Being a marketer you should be able to analyze potential customer pain points and recommend products or services in a way that bridges the gap between customers and your products. In short, a market job is to identify and learn about customer problems or interests then recommend the products in a way that relates to their need.  So if you think marketing is going to limit you at some certain point then the answer is no. 

Skills you need to enter into marketing industry:

By now you might have a clear idea about why you need to select marketing as your career option and whether it’s the right option for you or not. Next, we are going to list some of the important skills that are generally found in every marketer or the skills you need to have if you are planning to pursue a career in marketing: 

1. Communication Skills 

In the beginning, we have mentioned that soft skills are the main player in marketing. Undoubtedly there are other technical and hard skills required to enter into the marketing field but communication is considered to be the most important skill for marketers. If you are unable to communicate and deliver your message to the customers and to your management then it will be difficult to showcase your expertise. 

Marketers are the ones who deliver the right message about the brand and product to its potential buyers. It generally includes writing content, creating different multimedia campaigns, and sending emails. Once you are clear about the end-user and their needs your job is to highlight your product in a way that relates to their needs. If you are bad at communicating your ideas and thoughts then you are probably going to face difficulties in your marketing career.  

2. Analytical Skills

A marketer’s role is to understand the market need, market trends, and the behavior of their potential customers. For all that marketers need to have good analytical skills so that he/she is able to understand the market deeply and take action depending on their research. A strong analytical ability allows the marketer to conduct in-depth research to determine what their potential audience wants and expects from the brand. So, if you are planning to enter into the Marketing field then make sure you have strong analytical skills.  

Is marketing the right option? 

Before you start planning your career in marketing you need to know whether it’s the right career option for your future or not? You need to be clear with, What does a marketing job involve? Well, it’s the same as another job where you get a goal to achieve or the task to complete.

Marketing is another crowded place where people are more focused on building new skills in online marketing. These days online marketing is becoming popular and has started to grab many young graduate’s attention. That does not mean traditional or offline marketing like TV, billboard, newspaper, and more have become outdated, it still exists and businesses are using it to spread awareness.  

But due to high cost and less user engagement traditional marketing has started to become less popular.  So, marketing can be fun and frustrating. That’s why it’s important to know whether it’s right for you or not? 

There are times when you get better results out of your work and you are unaware of how things are happening? On the other hand, there are also times when you give your 100% but fail to produce impactful results. Marketing can be one of the most exciting career options and it is said that marketing is a combination of three elements: Creativity, Strong Analytics, and Psychology. 


Compared to other career options marketing is one of the most popular, highly competitive, and most rewarding career options. Today every industry ranging from an IT company to an ecommerce business needs a marketer. So, if you find yourself creative and hard-working then marketing can be the right industry for your future. If you wish to explore more about the marketing industry then you take the help of our AI-driven career assessment platform to know more about day to day life of a marketer, different career opportunities in marketing, and more.  


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